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Grave Digger replica made from K’nex puts Lego cars to shame


Made using the K’nex construction toy system, this Grave Digger replica pays a tribute to one of America’s most famous monster trucks of all times.
The Grave Digger celebrated its 30th birthday last year and this full-size K'nex model marked the anniversary in a rather cracking style. Of course we have seen our fair share of vehicles made from Lego but this K’nex Grave Digger is the mother of them all by far.Created by the Royal British Legion Industries (RBLI), this K’nex Grave Digger is an exact replica of the Chevy panel van monster truck. The project took months in planning alone and the execution was equally meticulous. It took the good folks at RBLI over 250,000 K'nex pieces to create this monster and they spent well over 1,000 man hours in putting it together as well. Though it’s really a shame that it can't actually be driven, the good news is that RBLI would use all the successes made from the truck’s commercial activities to provide employment and support to people with health conditions and disabilities with one of their main beneficiaries being members of the armed forces.

The social enterprise and not-for-profit charity is based in Kent and the truck will tour America through the year with a dedicated team of maintenance personnel. All proceeds collected from these showings will be re-invested in RBLI’s charitable endeavors. At the end of the tour, the Grave Digger 30th Anniversary K'nex monster truck will be donated to the Digger's Dungeon, North Carolina which is a museum dedicated to the history of the iconic monster truck.

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