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Tips For Riding Safely in Motocross

Whether you are new to motocross, are a seasonal campaigner on motocross tracks, or are well accustomed with the off road tracks, safety is always important. Safety means complete knowledge of your motocross gear as well as the bike you ride. Here are some tips regarding your bike and how to handle things while enjoying motocross.

1. Never ride alone

This is the most important and also the easiest tip to remember. However, people give the least importance to this factor. When riding off-road, it is very important to have some company with you. Accidents and injuries are unavoidable given the nature of the sport. When you have people with you they can assist you when an accident happens. A lot of injuries may leave you helpless, and on off road tracks, you may not get any help for a long time.

2. Do not emulate videos

You ain’t ready for this yet.
A lot of motocross enthusiasts watch videos of other motocross riders performing stunts and then try to emulate the same. You need to realize that these stunt riders are professionals and have spent a lot of time perfecting these moves. Also, you will not be able to assess the size of the gaps they jump over in the video. Jumping over a gap too large or too small often leads to people getting injured.

3. Do not move for the faster rider

A lot of times people hear the bike of a faster rider approaching them and try to change their line to give way to the rider. You should never do this as it can lead to a collision. The faster rider, when coming up behind you, will see you and adjust his/her line accordingly. If you make any last minute changes, it will only end up making matters worse. You should also remember that if you ride slower than other riders, then the best thing to do would be to keep on the right side of the track and keep a straight line.

4. Riding off-road

When you plan on doing off-road riding with your friends, it is advisable to stay on paths that are well marked or are used frequently. This will help you in avoiding unseen obstacles like fences holes and other debris.
If you are planning on doing some jumps, then make sure that you start with small jumps and then work your way up to bigger jumps. If you try to go too big too soon, you may find yourself in some trouble.\

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